• Chemical Engineering

Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Engineering

Main Research Theme
Synthesis and catalytic applications of solid catalysts with hierachical pore structures  Engineering the active site and the reactive microenvironments in heteroatom-functionalized carbon catalysts  Microwave-assisted synthesis of solid catalysts and electrode materials  Synthesis and catalytic applications of atomically dispersed supported metals
Research Field
Chemical Engineering  Chemical Reaction Engineering  Catalysis Science and Technology  Adsorption Science and Technology
Kinetics  Reactive microenvironment  Nanoporous materials

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PI Isao Ogino Associate Professor

PI message

We value an integrated, defragmented, and balanced approach to maximize research progress and to educate and train young researchers and engineers. We augments the quality and impact of our research through collaborations with other experts in academia as well as researchers and engineers in industrial organizations.



Our group aims to address critical challenges in sustainable energy and materials through an interdisciplinary approach centered on chemical engineering. We promote research crossing disciplinary boundaries and value studies spanning different length scales. Our group aims to bridge the insightful knowledge obtained in simplified and well-characterized systems with the successful development of technical catalysts and advanced catalytic processes.


  • Isao Ogino
    Associate Professor
    Research Field
    Chemical Engineering, Catalytic Chemistry, Chemical Reaction Engineering

Main Research Achievements