• Chemistry of Functional Molecules

Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry

Main Research Theme
Synthesis of architectually complex copolymers via precision polymerization techniques   Development of well-defined nanostructures development of precise polymerization based on organocatalysts   Development of novel conductive polymers development of functional polymer materials with low environmental burden   Development of polymer materials for nucleic acid delivery
Research Field
Synthetic polymer Natural polymer Catalyst Organocatalyst Environmental chemistry
Block copolymer Architectually complex polymer  Precision polymerization  Conductive polymer  Organocatalyst Environmentally benign polymer  Drug delivery system

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PI Toshifumi Satoh Professor

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Our laboratory is engaged in the synthesis of architecturally complex polymers, development of novel conductive polymers, synthesis and microphase separation behavior of block copolymers, and creation and application of sustainable polymeric materials with functional properties. Through these studies, you will acquire polymer synthesis skills that will serve you well both domestically and internationally!


Polymer materials are used in the many fields and required high performance, new functional properties. We focus on functional polymer material such as architecturally complex copolymer, conductive polymer, and biobased block copolymer. We also investigate biodegradable polymer to develop the environmental pollution by non-degradable polymer.


  • Toshifumi Satoh
  • Takuya Isono
    Associate Professor
  • Feng Li
    Assistant Professor

Main Research Achievements

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